Ultra Music Festival always promises to bring the best acts to Miami every year, and it looks like deadmau5 will steal the show with the unveiling of his Cube 3.0 stage design.

Now fans have more to look forward to than just an appearance at the Live Arena on Saturday, March 30th as the DJ/producer just announced his plans to take his new creation on the road. The information was first released via deadmau5’s instagram, featuring a photo of just the cube with some kind of code displayed on its screens. Real name Joel Zimmerman, the Canadian-born talent has offered a way for his fans to keep up with new developments via the tour website.



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C:\Users\deadmau5>_ cubev3.com

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Deadmau5 also confirmed that he’ll be working on a new album following Ultra “while the adults schedule up the tour shit and lock in the dates.” His last project, not counting his orchestral collection from 2018, where’s the drop?, was 2016’s W:/2016ALBUM/.

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