It’s been nearly a decade since Deadmau5 and Rob Swire teamed up for 2009’s “Ghosts N Stuff.” It’s one of Deadmau5’s most iconic songs, in large part due to the Pendulum and Knife Party member’s vocals.

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Fans who were lucky enough to catch mau5’s livestream on Tuesday got a taste of the new collaboration between the two. With a working title of “Monophobia,” this new demo so far features deadmau5’s newer, more piano-driven sound rather than the pounding house beats that he was pushing in the past. As always though, Swire’s vocals are on point and sound other-worldly.

There is currently no release date for this project and no one knows if it will ever be officially released, but if it never gets to that point, we’ll still have this recording which you can listen to below.

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