If you weren’t aware of how much some of the hottest names in dance music are getting paid, maybe it’s time to trade in that guitar for a set of turntables. Recently, deadmau5 divulged how much money he gets paid her show after a fan tweeted at him.

While the unidentified individual’s question was disparaging in nature, it didn’t take long for the outspoken producer to quip back with a staggering number. What’s even more shocking is the fact that he’s only the #11 highest paid dance music artist, according to a report from last year. The list is filled with all-stars such as Diplo, Calvin Harris, and Steve Aoki, which only makes you wonder how much those guys are getting paid.

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Back in 2014 deadmau5 was earning a reported $200-250K per show while still a big act in the electronic dance scene. Such an increase in fees just goes to show how much the genre has grown in a short amount of time.

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