David Guetta has no idea why the music industry loved to hate on Justin Bieber when he was a teenage pop star, insisting the backlash was “ridiculous”.

The Parisian producer revealed to The Daily Telegraph that during a previous Q&A, a journalist tried to coerce him to say negative comments about the world renown pop star.

“I remember getting interviewed at the time and the journalist was trying to have me make fun of him, this was years ago,” he told dailytelegraph.com.au.

“If you were an adult, he was like the one artist who was cool to hate and I always felt like it was ridiculous because he was an amazing artist.”

Guetta then continued to praise the “Sorry” singer’s career, saying that Justin really pushed himself and took risks, rather than “easy commercial obvious type of pop”, alluding to his recent collaborations with Major Lazer, DJ Snake and Luis Fonsi.

“He has the guts to risk his career in order to reinvent himself, and I respect this a lot because I have had to do this myself and I know how hard it is,” he concluded.

Guetta and Bieber recently collaborated on “2U” in June. The future bass pop hybrid topped the US Billboard Hot 100 and multiple international charts. Earlier this week the he announced new collaborations with Shakira and Sean Paul, and one with The Black Eyed Peas.

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