18 months ago, many recall the firestorm that twitter turned into with accusations of sexual misconduct leveled at dubstep pioneer Datsik that led to his seemingly indefinite hiatus. Now the Canadian native has broken his silence with an apology video and an update on what’s been going on for the past year and a half.

In the 7-minute clip posted to his Facebook, Troy “Datsik” Beetles doesn’t confront the exact allegations leveled against him, but claims the stress of touring amplified his pre-existing anxiety and depression that ended up playing a major role in his behavior. He states that he’s lived in a facility for the past year to “work through my issues, treat my mental health, and learn how to avert some of the illness that has always plagued my family.” It appears that the musician’s gotten to a point where he can speak publicly and restart his professional music career.

One of the biggest statements from the visual was Datsik’s realization that he needed help: “In the end, when I lost everything I cared about, I really hit rock bottom…. It was at that point that I realized a massive shift of focus was necessary to do right by everyone who has ever supported me and for me to start the next chapter of my life.” Watch the hopeful clip here.

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