Daft Punk are widely known as pioneers of the EDM movement and have inspired spin-offs of many kinds including Nu Deco Ensemble‘s newest creation that does the European duo’s work proper justice.

Titled “Humans vs. Robots (Daft Punk Suite),” the Miami-based group of artists are performing the French team’s classics for the second time since 2017. Specifically, Nu Deco co-creator Sam Hyken has re-adapted Daft Punk’s material into an orchestral suite, looking for the cinematic qualities amid the main stage dance beats. “When you listen to the music of Daft Punk, there’s a very baroque classical quality to what they do,” says Hyken. “Part of what I wanted to do with this suite is remove the drum elements, highlighting this classical texture. I also wanted to highlight the two distinct phases of Daft Punk, with a record like ‘Random Access Memories,’ which features more acoustic instruments, as well as the earlier work, which is more electronic.”

The exhibition’s co-creator Jacomo Bairos stated “Releasing ‘Humans v. Robots’ feels very full circle. The very first idea Sam and I had was to perform the music of Daft Punk as a reimagined orchestral work. We wanted to push the boundaries of what we believed an orchestra, as a model of ultimate creativity, expression and musical finesse, could be. It was also the centerpiece on our very first concert! Returning back to Daft Punk reminds me of how their music feels timeless. Very expansive, cinematic and wide, yet measured like J. S. Bach.”

Check out a teaser of what’s to come from Nu Deco Ensemble’s “Daft Punk Suite” below, and experience the unique take as electronic dance music meets orchestral arrangements.

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Photo: Travis Rigel Lukas Hornung