Pop icon and human rights activist Cyndi Lauper is slated to receive the United Nations‘ inaugural High Note Global Prize award, given to artists who use their music and platforms to advocate for social justice.

The “True Colors” singer will accept the award during her own annual Home for the Holidays benefit concert in Los Angeles on December 10th that coincides with worldwide Human Rights Day. Fellow artist Kesha will be on hand to grant the commendation that serves as a recognition of Lauper’s lifelong advocacy for the LGBTQ community, including True Colors United, the nonprofit organization she co-founded in 2008 that works toward ending homelessness among LGBTQ youth.

The award was created by producer David Clark, founder of The High Note Global Initiative celebrating artists who fuse music with human rights, of which UN Human Rights is a global partner. “We are delighted to recognize and honor Cyndi Lauper as the 2019 High Note Global Prize Laureate,” he commented. “For decades she has promoted human rights, been a voice and active participant for change, and inspired people around the world to be tolerant and true to themselves.”

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