Charlotte de Witte continues to make a statement through her studio work and on-stage performances but many live events currently cancelled or on hold, she’s sunk herself into producing her newest EP Return To Nowhere, released Friday (June 12th).

The latest project on her own KNTXT imprint combines some unlikely sounds in de Witte mix of techno and gospel vocals. The title track and follow-up single blend both concepts well as each complement the other. Her bookend selections on the other hand offer vastly different takes. The opening recording’s mid section stops for a beautiful vocal break before diving back into the producer’s signature acid techno sound while the final piece is a choral arrangement. Listen to the whole collection here.

The 27-year-old artiste ushered in he new project via a very special live stream on Thursday (June 11th) from the top of a castle located in her home town of Ghent, Belgium. During the set, she played several new tracks from Return To Nowhere and more available here for your listening enjoyment!

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Photo: pat00139