The Chainsmokers have finally dropped their debut album, Memories…Do Not Open.

The frat-boys, rebranded as DJ heartthrobs, now carry a handful of accomplishments, most recently with the release of their debut album, which will be accompanied by their headlining tour across North America.

The Chainsmokers took a slightly new approach to their album focusing on lyric-heavy sing-alongs and slow melodies. The combination of the album name and the song titles allude to the idea of ‘young love’ and rosy nostalgia, but this different approach isn’t always a good choice as a lot of the songs on the album come off as almost-ballads until they transform into the familiar, fruity-pop melody-driven drops.

Drew does most of the singing, but the album also features a variety of credited vocalists like Emily Warren, Louane, Jhené Aiko, and Florida Georgia Line.

I expect these songs to be played out on the radio like there’s no tomorrow, but if you don’t want to wait to hear them over the next few weeks, you can listen to the entire album here:

The Chainsmokers will also be playing on Saturday Night Live this weekend:

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