This is what happens when we give attention to misbehaving kids.

Danielle Bregoli AKA Bhad Bhabie has come out with a new track and it’s exactly what you’d expect from an unruly 14 year-old who’s been given a little too much money. The song is Bregoli’s latest after the release of the joint video for “Hi Bich” and “Whachu Know” in September and showcases Bregoli’s exploring of similar themes of pride in her hustle and bragging about the money she’s made in her rap career.

Embed from Getty Images

The video for “I Got It” revolves around, you guessed it, money and fame. The visuals show Bregoli seated at the head of a table covered in packaged cash as well as her flexing in her Rolls Royce which she can’t even legally drive.

The track features such memorable and clever lines such as, “I ain’t got friends I got groupies,” and “ten thousand is really a cent to me.” Bhad Bhabie also said she would drop her debut mixtape if the song reached 10 million streams in its first day. While I’d love to hear what she’d have to say over the course of a larger collection of work, I am weary of its effect on rap/trap music in the bigger picture.

Stay tuned for this possible mixtape, but until then, check out the video for Bhad Bhabie’s “I Got It” below.

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