Carnage is trying to build the hype for his next album by collaborating with high-profile artists such as Mac Miller and MadeinTYO. This most recent track is a tag team of Carnage and the recently-famous Lil Pump.

If you like fat bass in your face and don’t care about lyrics, this song is for you. The 17-year-old who found fame by repeating the words “Gucci Gang” too many times to count has created another standard trap track with the help of Carnage’s production.

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Others have called Pump a “savage,” although the lyrics, “Look at my neck shine (ice)/Look at my wrist shine, chyeah (ooh)/My diamonds might make you blind, chyeah/Let ’em in five at a time, ooh (brr)” are right on par with the trap culture which constantly recycles the same themes of flexing about money, drugs and clothing.

It’s really better to just keep this track as the fuel to your weekend pregame because if substance is what you seek, you won’t find it in “i Shyne.”

Check it out and see if you agree.

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