Her first release in four years, Britney Spears gave her fans “Mood Ring (By Demand)” in late May. Previously only available on the Japanese deluxe edition of her 2016 album, Glory, the RCA Records-released song is now arrived on all streaming platforms complete with multiple remixes.

The original composition comes complete with a DJ Mustard production that couples well with the Louisiana native’s vocal performance as she decides which of her two personalities is best to present to a possible suitor. “Mood Ring” is a welcome departure from the upbeat pop tracks that Spears is best known for, demonstrating the versatility she’s gained since releasing her debut hit “Baby One More Time” 22 years ago.

The 38-year-old songstress says she decided to finally release “Mood Ring (By Demand)” as a gift to fans following her #JusticeForGlory hashtag got the album back to the top of the iTunes pop chart. Including “By Demand” in parentheses to the title was added in acknowledgement of her fans’ work.

Courtesy of brand new Pride and Ape Drums remixes, the original 2016 single will garner significantly more airtime as the upbeat offerings throw a highly-danceable twist onto “Mood Ring” below

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Photo: petercruise