Cardi B is always the life of the party — even when she’s not physically present.

This was especially true yesterday when someone was playing music in the NYC subway and “Bodak Yellow” came on. Twitter user @MattwhitlockPM posted the video of dozens of people getting down to the hit song while waiting for the train. “Play ‘Bodak Yellow’ anywhere and a party will start, guaranteed,” he tweeted. “@IAmCardiB brings the people together.”

Some people stood on the outskirts of the crowd and gently bobbed their heads along to the beat – enjoying from afar – while others got out on the dance floor and busted moves that Cardi B would be proud of.

It’s nice to see people coming together to enjoy something together in light of the terrible events that are happening both domestically and abroad. Fans of Cardi can get excited about her next single, “Cartier Cardi,” which will be released on December 15th.

Replies to the original tweet were overwhelmingly positive as can be seen below.

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