Despite being sued back in 2013, Robin Thicke, Pharrell, and T.I. fought back and managed to get over 200 artists on their side. Three years ago, the three were sued for $5.3 million for their single “Blurred Lines.” The case stated that while they did not steal specific melodies or chord progressions, they did take inspirations from past sounds and styles.

Needless to say, the three appealed the case and managed to obtain 212 artist signatures in an amicus brief. In it, they explain how the court decision’s thin argument severely limits artistic creativity, according to the The Hollywood Reporter

“The verdict in this case threatens to punish songwriters for creating new music that is inspired by prior works. All music shares inspiration from prior musical works, especially within a particular musical genre. By eliminating any meaningful standard for drawing the line between permissible inspiration and unlawful copying, the judgment is certain to stifle creativity and impede the creative process.”

The amicus brief goes on to say that “one can only imagine what our music would have sounded like if David Bowie would have been afraid to draw from Shirley Bassie, or if the Beatles would have been afraid to draw from Chuck Berry, or if Elton John would have been afraid to draw from the Beatles, or if Elvis Presley would have been afraid to draw from his many influences.”

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