The first module in the Billboard and NYU Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music partnership educational program, Music Industry Essentials, is confirmed to open later this month.

Titled “The Origins of Music Business,” the course serves as the first of six sections for the program created in association with Yellowbrick, which helps facilitate learning experiences alongside top universities and brands. New York University is the perfect place to launch the concept as it not only boasts the aforementioned Clive Davis program, but offers one of (if not the best) Music Business degrees in the world.

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“The Origins of Music Business” aims to help participants identify the historical beginnings of a specific musical style and become familiar with the genres it influences. Topics covered within the module include the growth of American music, the role of executives in the industry, the evolution of record production and the digital age.

The six-course, 20-hour plus certificate program will showcase many aspects of careers in the ever-changing business and aims to give participants the foundation to carve out their own successful path in today’s music world. Throughout the modules, experts in the industry as well as staffers at Billboard and professors at NYU will provide students with key insights, offering stories from personal experiences. People interested in this opportunity can find more information here.

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