Dominic Lalli has forever been the fearless leader of EDM duo Big Gigantic, but on his latest release, he went off the beaten path to create a solo jazz project.

Lalli’s debut album sees the classically-trained saxophonist proving his prowess as a producer, a musician, and a composer. The 42-year-old swapped out his typical bright synths and heavy percussion for rolling saxophone melodies suspended atop frenetic drum kit patterns that deserve to be heard in a smokey cigar lounge from the early 1900s. One of the effort’s singles, “A Blind Man’s Blue,” primes listeners for what is to come. Listen to the seven-track release here.

Dominic’s solo collection comes at a time when Big G released their own 2020 album Free Your Mind. The Counter Records project is in stark contrast to A Blind Man’s Blue that proves why the headlining act is a pleasure to watch live: encouraging vocals, pounding beats and genuine instrumentation. Listen to that effort below.

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Photo: digboston