Though The Lion King live-action film won’t hit theaters for a little more than a week, Beyoncé and Disney celebrated the world premiere screening on Tuesday night (July 9th) by releasing a new song from the movie.

Written by IIya Salmanzadeh, Timothy McKenzie and Beyoncé herself, “Spirit” will eventually be part of a musical ode to the story of The Lion King called The Lion King: The Gift. This accompanying album, executive produced by the “Halo” vocalist herself, will be “steeped in the sounds of Africa,” according to the entertainment giant’s announcement.

Beyoncé uses her musical prowess to bring meaning and excitement to the song by utilizing lyrics such as “Yeah, yeah, and the wind is talkin’/ Yeah, yeah, for the very first time/ With a melody that pulls you towards it/ Paintin’ pictures of paradise.” Behind her are backing instrumental and vocal sections that accentuate her voice to create a powerful and meaningful effort. Listen to the new “Spirit” from Beyoncé here.

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