The era of hip-hop in the White House has come to an end. So what’s a better way to close out America’s first Black Presidency, than an high profile house party.

Last month, President Obama and the First Lady told the Washington Post that they were planning a farewell shindig at the White House, before Donald Trump takes office.

The final event, which takes place this Friday (Jan. 6,) will feature Jay Z, Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey, J.J. Abrams, Stevie Wonder and Usher. Big screen titans George Lucas and Samuel Jackson are rumored to be attending as well.

After the final party, Obama is scheduled to fly back to Chicago to give his Farewell Address, which will be live streamed when it takes place January 10.

President Obama has been a huge advocate of music throughout his presidency. From curating Spotify playlists to hosting the recent South by South Lawn festival.

Remember that time Kendrick Lamar was dropped into in the Oval Office with his freshly done braids?

I feel like a child watching my parents get divorced, with America being my mom and Barack being my dad.

*cries in office corner listening to To Pimp A Butterfly on repeat*

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