Beyoncé has sent the internet into all-out brawl. Last Saturday she debuted her second surprise album Lemonade exclusively on HBO, where it was broadcasted in its entirety. But what fans seem to be raging about more than the release itself is the controversial lyrics on the song “Sorry.”

“He only want me when I’m not there / He better call Becky with the good hair”

The term “Becky” has become the topic of heated viral fixation. And while Beyoncé herself has not revealed the meaning behind the notorious lyric, there’s a few different interpretations going around. Popular definitions include someone who is colloquially deemed “basic” or, on a bluer note, someone with an inclination towards vocal activities other than singing. Australian rapper Izzy Azalea was more than off-put by the term when one of her fans referred to her as such, interpreting the latter definition.

The tweet that sparked a controversy in and of itself.

Perhaps more popular is the meme involving Taylor Swift, which likely has no attachment to the above definitions. It all began when a Tumblr user posted a picture of the country pop singer, claiming it was her friend, “Becky.” The meme was such a viral success that Swift herself joined in on the joke, even sporting a t-shirt with the infamous phrase.

While “Becky” may simply have more than one meaning, Beyoncé’s artistic social commentary has affected a huge amount of people. Be sure to let us know you you think “Becky” is.

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