Four decades after “Into The Night” ballad captivated listeners and topped American Pop charts, the Benny Mardones track is returns in remix form and locks down the #4 Breakout position on the latest Billboard Dance Club Songs chart.

Coming courtesy of Silver Blue Records, the 2019 take is a reboot of the 1980 version that is one of only several songs to enjoy top 20 Billboard Hot 100 chart status twice by the same artist. The original found the Ohio native singing “If I could fly, I’d pick you up/ I’d take you into the night/ And show you a love/ Like you’ve never seen, ever seen” over an instrumental of strings, piano and light percussion.

The 2019 take conducted by the one and only club culture elite DJ/producer Dirty Werk turns up the energy by reworking all of the original instrumentation, giving it a proper and modern club cukture vibe. Give the #4 Breakout on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart “Into The Night 2019” a listen below.

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