Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive.

39 years after the Bee Gees scored a hit with their single “Stayin’ Alive,” the song made headlines for saving a woman’s life after she fell onto an the subway’s third rail and got electrocuted.

Monique Brathwaite called her co-worker David Martinez her “hero” after he performed CPR to the beat of the unforgettable Sunday Night Fever rhythm.

After removing her from harm, Martinez performed chest compressions on Brathwaite along to the Brothers Gibb disco classic. According to Billboard Martinez recalls reading somewhere the song was “perfect for CPR – 103 beats per minute.” When she woke up, her sister was at her side. “I opened my eyes and my sister was there,” she reported. “I asked her is this was real or fake. She said it was real,” continued Brathwaite.

Brathwaite suffered the injury on Friday while she was completing maintenance work on the No. 1 train in Harlem. The 35-year-olda mother of two was hospitalized after the accident and doctors placed her into a medically induced coma to keep her from feel the massive pain that came after sustaining terrible burns.

The injuries she suffered will warrant her skin grafts, but Brathwaite says she is glad to be alive and even more glad for her hero, David Martinez. “I thanked him” she said. Martinez was happy for having saved the mother of four saying, “I’m grateful because she’s going to have a second chance at her life.”

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