While the world adjusts to in-home living, Bassnectar has yet to hop on the live stream bandwagon but has spoken out about what’s to come.

In a recent tweet, the California native put fans on notice about his voluminous amount of new music “en route” including mix-tapes, an entire “secret album,” and perhaps some live sets as well. According to the man, his team has been recording every set in high quality formats for the last few years including flagship performances like Bassnectar 360, Freakstyle, Freestyle Sessions, etc. and festival gigs from Coachella, Electric Forest and more are all locked away in a vault … for now.

The “Basshead” deejay/producer has not addressed specific availability nor what exactly will be released so watch this space for updates on the mystery music package of Bassnectar goodies.

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Photo: ultra 5280