The Backstreet Boys have now joined the ever growing list of artists who disapprove of the usage of their songs at Donald Trump rallies. Not too long ago the now disbanded White Stripes got together to show their disapproval of Donald Trump’s usage of their song “Seven Nation Army” for his campaign. Now the boy band is doing the same.

On Wednesday, Trump had the their hit song “I Want It That Way” played on repeat during one of his rallies in Ocala, Florida. The Daily Beast reports that their publicist Steven Trachtenbroit issued an official statement in which the group did not approve of the usage.

 “[The Backstreet Boys] did not approve this and we are not associated with the Trump camp.”

Their just one of several acts who are upset their music is associated with the Republican presidential candidate. Along with BSB and the White Stripes, Adele, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young and Earth, Wind & Fire are just a few who request Trump stop using their music. However, there’s little the bands really can do to stop them, as Mick Jagger states in a Twitter Q&A.

“So Patty, asked me about Donald Trump using Stones music, and we [previously] said, like, ‘Don’t use our music […] So, the thing is, when you appear in America…if you’re in a public place like Madison Square Garden or a theater, you can play any music you want, and you can’t be stopped. So, if you write a song and someone plays it in a restaurant that you go to, you can’t stop them. They can play what they want.”

The Backstreet Boys are gearing up for their Las Vegas residency with dates from the beginning of March to July. Check out the official website for more information.

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