The full-on crazy girlfriend-themed track by Ava Max, “Sweet But Psycho” has received remix spin from British DJ / producer Paul Morrell.

The original features lyrics on the first verse, “She’ll make you curse, but she a blessing/She’ll rip your shirt within a second/You’ll be coming back, back for seconds/With your plate, you just can’t help it.” sets the stage as Max gets the point across with the use of (her) strong vocals and official video antics.

Morrell’s remix ramps the song up several notches by reworking the whole instrumental around the original lyric lines. The production is classic house that drops out to accentuate such lyrics as, “You’ll be saying, ‘No, no’/Then saying, ‘Yes, yes, yes’/’Cause she messin’ with your head” that dives back into the infectious rhythm track, complete with synths and bell effects.

Listen to the reworked version of Ava Max’s “Sweet But Psycho” by Paul Morrell, courtesy of Atlantic Records.

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