Billboard Dance Chart Update [8.04.18]

PRO MOTION and the Billboard DJ community roll full steam ahead into August with a #1* Greatest Gainer single for Diana Ross two additional Top 10 for David Guetta + Sia (#4) and Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull ... Read More

Billboard Dance Chart Update [7.21.18]

As Cardi B gives birth to her first and Beyoncé hints at possible fourth, PRO MOTION and America's Billboard DJ community welcome in two Top 5 singles' with Diana Ross (#3* Greatest Gainer) and David Guetta + S... Read More

Billboard Dance Chart Update [7.06.18]

In addition to Independence Day, PRO MOTION. The Brad LeBeau Company, Inc celebrates it's 35th anniversary as the world's oldest independent dance music promotion company. Established July 5, 1983, I humbled by... Read More

Billboard Dance Chart Update [5.26.18]

Some four weeks until the official start of Summer 2018 (!) PRO MOTION and the Billboard DJ community complete several, late-Winter launched titles as we move forward with Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa (#2* Grea... Read More

Billboard Dance Chart Update [4.07.18]

With P!nk peaking at goes to #1* PRO MOTION is super-grateful for the Billboard DJ support for Rita Ora (#6*) Dua Lipa (#7* Greatest Gainer) Martin Garrix + David Guetta (#13*) Craig David (#32*) with very enco... Read More

Billboard Dance Chart Update [3.24.18]

Miami Music Week is upon us and if you've not yet gotten back to PRO MOTION with your travels plans please email Brad at so that we can meet up in Florida between 3.21 - 3.23 for a drink... Read More