During a pandemic that’s caused significant lockdowns and quarantines around the world, an Atlanta woman is using music and humor to help people struggling with at-home weight gain.

KD French, the lady behind the viral hit “At the Fridge Again” about her fight with food, recorded the video of herself singing all nine-part harmonies . “Somebody stop me. I’m at the fridge again. She’s at the fridge again,” French says in the video. “Oh I think it’s time for my snack y’all. She’s at the fridge again. Oh it’s been two minutes since the last visit.”

KD’s creative (vs refrigerator) light bulb turned on one day when the praise and worship leader “… just started saying ‘wait a minute I’m at the fridge again’ and then the words just started coming. I said I’m gonna go sing that right quick.”

Since the clip was posted, it has gained 330,000 views (vs pounds) on YouTube and 18,000 comments on Facebook. French said in an interview that she just wants to make people laugh and not let the tough times get them down (while their weight goes up) and that she’s just busy doing God’s work. Check out the funny and topical clip here.


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Photo: mst7022