Ashley O (Aka Miley Cyrus‘ alter ego from the Black Mirror Netflix series) continues to carve out her own space within the dance music space with her debut single “On A Roll.” that recently jumped into the #5* slot on Billboard’s latest Dance Club Songs Top50 chart.

Coming courtesy of RCA Records, the effort has gained significant club culture support in the form of remixes by long time DJ/producer Junior Vasquez, KDA, DallasK and Dario Xavier,  each of whom wave their creative wands over the original composition. The offerings provide a variety if takes on “… A Roll” that, collectively, contribute to Ms Cyrus’ massive chart success.

In the official video, Ashley O sings “Oh honey, I’ll do anything for you/ Oh honey, just tell me what you want me to/ Oh honey, kiss me up against the wall/ Oh honey, don’t think anything, just have it all” as dancers act their parts in a predominantly-empty room. Watch the video for this week’s #5* Billboard Dance Club Songs charter.

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