Ashley O makes an immediate name for herself as a Miley Cyrus‘ alter ego with “On A Roll” that secures a solid Top 10 spot on the latest Billboard Dance Club Songs chart. Within weeks of release, the RCA Records single has careened up the Top 50 from the #31* spot to #26* to #15* to #9*.

Adding to the original offering comes a collection of remixes by heavyweight DJ/producers Junior Vasquez and KDA that turn “On A Roll” into energetic dance floor fillers. The two new recordings provide a high octane, vocal-focused infused edition of the more understated and instrumental-driven cut, respectively.

The fictional pop star, who only has two formidable songs to her name, comes complete with a video delivered via choreographed backup dancers who provide context for the songstress’s lyrics “Oh honey, I’ll do anything for you/ Oh honey, just tell me what you want me to/ Oh honey, kiss me up against the wall/ Oh honey, don’t think anything, just have it all.”

Watch the clip for this week’s Top 10 song on the Billboard Dance Club chart

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