Ash Pournouri, the genius behind Avicii’s worldwide success is now splitting managerial duties with Swedish House Mafia member Sebastian Ingrosso for Scandinavian talent Otto Knows.

It’s been a few years since Otto’s music has enjoyed the limelight. Infact the last time a sizable buzz surrounded the Swedish talent was back in 2012 with his release of ‘Million Voices‘. Since then his biggest project was ‘Next To Me‘ which was released in May but failed to generate half as much attention as his prior hit.

Ash and Sebastian believe that Otto Knows is now ready to make a comeback and when Billboard mag asked the latter personality why he’s excited to work with Knows, he replied, “He’s just been in the studio for a long time now trying to develop something different, but still something that is right for him as a person…And he’s achieved it now, I guess. He got inspired by a lot of his heroes back in Sweden and he’s just trying to develop every day.”

Pournouri added a fun fact by saying, “Otto went to the same class as Tim [Avicii] when they were kids. He’s kind of been present throughout for as long as I’ve known Tim and managed Avicii. To see him grow into his own artist has been really exciting. There’s plenty more to come, he’s just started.”

As Sweden continues to breed some of the finest talent in the global dance music business we’ll anxiously await Otto’s next releases!

Source: Billboard