Following his 40th birthday and a one year hiatus, Asaf Avidan returns with his latest thought-provoking full length, Anagnorisis, that reflects a collection of mind-bending, musical narratives.

When asked about his latest project, the avant garde Israeli-born singer/songwriter/instrumentalist stated that he started it, “about a year ago. Turning 39 and taking a kind of Sabbatical year off touring, I found myself in a very quiet environment that led to a very loud ensemble in my heart and head. The recording process was finished through the Corona lockdowns and was a whole other challenge and blessing that I guess is another story.”

Creating the Telmavar Records-released album as the grip of COVID-19 increased throughout rural Italy made for a particularly special environment for Avidan, helping him further dissect Anagnorisis. Speaking about the entire project, the singer said, “I think they are the frantic search for a cohesive thread in a head that’s full of an infinite amount of voices” – a fitting summation of the last seven months of world history.

Watch the video for the title track and listen to the entirety of Anagnorisis below.

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Photo: Luca Galli