This year saw the emergence of new fashion trends as well as modern interpretations of already existing ones, with musicians flexing the biggest looks.

Clothing search platform Lyst teamed up with to determine which musical artists had the biggest impact on style in 2018. As it turns out, Ariana Grande, Rihanna and Camila Cabello all left their mark on the wardrobe world, according to the site’s new report, titled Fashion: A Year in Music.

Grande, in addition to releasing the massively popular Sweetener album and being named Billboard‘s Woman of The Year, was the catalyst for one of the biggest looks of 2018. After being seen out on multiple occasions sporting an oversized hoodie (contributing to her now signature look), Lyst received 130% more searches for the items than in previous years.

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Additionally, Cabello strutted down the Grammys red carpet in a dress that matched it. The 24 hours following her bold fashion choice saw people checking out red dresses on the search platform 24% more than usual. Rihanna also took on Coachella wearing a Gucci balaclava, with the item being subsequently searched for 19% more than before.

Who and what will be the next biggest influencer in music and fashion?

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