Proof positive that continues to drop absolute gems, Ariana Grande releases of her latest track “7 Rings.” The Grammy-nominated vocalist’s newest effort comes complete with the bass-heavy vibe of “Imagine” combined with the sass of “Thank U, Next” creating a newly-themed and instantly catchy hit.

The Republic Records release rests on the melody of The Sound of Music‘s “My Favorite Things” in the verses, with an expensive lyrical twist including: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s/And bottles of bubbles/Girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble/Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines/Buy myself all of my favorite things”.

Embed from Getty Images

The lyrics coupled with the production’s hip hop swagger makes for quite the infectious single. Ariana concurrently dropped the accompanying music video that mirrors the song, featuring her and her friends living lavishly in a mansion, decked out with diamond rings, graffiti and a champagne tower.

While 2018’s Billboard Woman of the Year and her collaborators Tayla Parx and Victoria Monét have reportedly created another album’s-worth of tracks, the 25-year-old will continue to release music at her leisure. Until the next single, listen to and watch the video for “7 Rings” here.

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