Apple Music Shares Pride Mixes From LGBTQ+ Artists/DJs

To praise dance music’s contributions and celebrate this year’s Pride Month, Apple Music has compiled a collection of forward-thinking mixes from LGBTQ+ DJs and producers across all shades of the sonic spectrum.

Disco and house music both spawned from the queer communities of New York City and Chicago, respectively, and a multitude of artists continue to represent the sounds of tomorrow. “As part of Apple Music’s month-long Pride celebration, we wanted to do something special with LGBTQ+ DJs, as they’ve been an integral part of shaping dance music’s culture and sound since the beginning,” Apple Music’s Dance Programmer and Editor Robby Engle told Billboard Dance.

“We’re proud to have worked with 17 artists of different nationalities, gender identities, and sexualities who made DJ Mixes in the spirit of Pride. All of these mixes are different flavors of dance music, and even some hip hop, that show the true diversity of our community.”

Specific content includes sets from cartoon-colored future bass lover Ducky, cross-genre beat master Kittens, vibrant dance-pop producer Kandy, self-proclaimed Jersey club queen Uniiqu3, tech house lover J. Worra and more. Hear Kandy’s mix below, check out all 15 mixes via Apple Music and read some of the DJs’ Pride mix inspirations below.

“As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, it’s important to have a voice within the dance music scene. It’s imperative for me to show others that it’s okay to be the best most authentic you that you can be.”

Sasha Marie
“Pride is a culmination of freedom and self-expression. My mix explores my inspirations from a variety of genres, tempos, and energies.”

Kitty Glitter
“I am honored to provide the soundtrack to Pride parties worlwide, but it’s the energy that erupts on the dancefloor that makes the magical moments shine on.”

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