As one of several recently released songs, Alicia Keys, who recently hosted the Grammys for the second year in a row, currently enjoys the #39* Debut slot on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart with “Time Machine”.

The RCA Records-released track is a boogie-infused effort driven by deep bass lines and loads of synths and percussion. Atop of the smooth production comes the New York native’s voice singing “Young life flies out the window, yeah/ It’s not the time that changed us/ It’s the dreams that we weren’t chasing/ Come back to haunt us, eventually.”

Along with the stellar original edition have come remixes made by club culture elite DJ/producers Cedric Gervais, MK (Marc Kinchen) and KC Lights. The new takes add an extra punch to “Time Machine” that increase its dance floor allure around the world. Check out the newest from Alicia Keys and its remixes here.

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Photo: RCA Records