Alicia Keys has unveiled official music video for her comeback single, “In Common.”

Fresh off her appearances on SNL and The Voice, Alicia Keys delivers her afrobeat inspired track through a sexy dance party. The black and white visual features the R&B songstress on a singing on a fire escape and set made to resemble the streets of New York City.

Accompanied by dancers of all creeds, the “Empire of Mind” singer celebrates singularity. “This video is about celebrating our individuality, and how in the brilliance of our uniqueness, the magic of it all is at the core, we are all the same,” she told The Fader. “We want the same things. We all want to experience love, the freedom to be our truest selves, to love whomever we want and to be accepted and celebrated for all of our nuances and so called imperfections that make us, us.”

Alicia Key’s sixth album, the follow-up to 2012’s Girl on Fire, is due later this summer.
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