Los Angeles may have kept the dance festival dream alive when it was decided in December of last year that large events held on public property would not be banned, EDM fans may experience a short-lived victory. In light of safety last year’s HARD Summer Festival where two individuals died due to collapsing and one of alleged MDMA intoxication, citizens have been increasingly vocal in concerns for the city’s safety. LA County Government has established a strict set of stipulations all promoters and venues must follow if they are to host any large-scale events in the future.

A new set of guidelines recently passed by the LA County government have given considerably more control to city officials when it comes to planning large scale events. Going forward, any festival with more than 10,000 attendees will have to set their age restrictions based on the assessment of various public safety departments. Members of departments that include fire, sheriffs, medical, and public health all have a say on each festival’s age limit (which could be anywhere between 18 to 21) based on the scope of the event. Almost acting as a public health inspector of sorts, if the organizer does not meet the criteria listed they will have 60 days to improve conditions. Furthermore, any party looking to host an event must request one of these inspections at least 120 days before that event is held. In addition to age restrictions, public officials and members of the board also have the authority to limit or ban alcohol sales as well as other amenities.

To comment on the developing events, Supervisor Hilda Solis had this to say: “Protecting the health and safety of L.A. County residents and visitors attending mass gatherings at our County Fairgrounds, and parks and recreation spaces is the overarching goal. Whether this means more water and medical stations, or increasing first responder availability in the surrounding community, today’s ordinance achieves this goal. With proper planning and coordination we will reduce the risk of loss of life and harm to event attendees.”