The Amsterdam Dance Event, or ADE for short, has officially kicked off this past Wednesday (October 19). Hailed as the largest global dance festival, Netherlands website NOS reports that they expect this year to reach a record number of visitors.

Held annually in the Netherlands, the frequency of those in attendance have grown from 65,000 last year to an expected 365,000 this time around. For this year, ADE partnered with the Dutch National Opera and producer Sjamsoedin for a production aiming to reach a “broader audience.”

ADE is a five-day event that’s held every year in mid-October and is organized by the Amsterdam Dance Event Foundation. In addition to performances, the event offers conferences, nighttime activities, and seminars all aiming to promote awareness of the dance music industry. As of now the festival reaches 450 different events across 115 venues and is in its 21st year.

Check the live stream here.

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