Adam Levine and Future just dropped a music video for Maroon 5’s recently released ‘Cold’ and it rivals the psychedelic experience of The Weeknd’s “Party Monster”. The video, which features appearances from Levine’s wife IRL and Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo is a crazy trip through what seems like would be a great party with ATL rapper Future.

Leather jacket and Wu-Tang t-shirt-clad Levine is reluctantly called over to Future’s party to hear their collaboration, although as soon as he gets there, the bartender who serves Levine’s drink, spikes it with an unknown hallucinogen which takes the Maroon 5 frontman deep down the rabbit hole.

During his trip, he is introduced to many concepts such as floating police cars, a threesome with not-quite humans, and Future, who during their conversation, turns into a teddy bear. Luckily, Levine makes it home safe to his wife and remembers enough to tell her about everything that happened.

The video is pretty sick, though the hardcore visuals as well as the very long intro and outro take away from the song itself, to the point where I can’t remember anything about the song because I was so immersed in the video. But if this is any kind of look into what Future’s upcoming album and tour will be like, I am excited to see the end results to say the least.

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