It’s been a whirlwind year for pop superstar Sam Smith after releasing new music and officially coming out as non-binary in March. Just last month, the “Dancing With A Stranger” vocalist publicly announced they were changing their preferred pronouns to “they/them.” Now, they have yet another celebrity standing on their side: Adam Lambert.

In a new interview with NME, Lambert spoke about Smith’s coming out, saying that he understands what they’re experiencing in terms of increased attention. “The media loves something that feels new and ten years ago – in America anyway – there wasn’t a lot of mainstream music people identifying as gay, so it was a novelty, and I feel there might be some parallels there,” he claimed. “On a personal level, I’m really happy for Sam that they’ve found their truth and they’re feeling liberated by it.”

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Since Smith came out, some have been deeply critical of the singer, saying that they changed their pronouns and made the courageous move in order to garner positive publicity. Lambert, however, had a final message for those people:

“If you stop for a minute and make it not about you and put yourself in the shoes of the person that’s being talked about and try to understand their experience — just for a second — you’ll realize what’s being asked is just that you be a decent human being,” he said. “People get defensive, saying ‘How dare you ask me to change the way I think!’, and just a little empathy would help.”

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