Action Bronson‘s new album White Bronco has arrived. The self-released collection is the follow-up to 2017’s Blue Chips 7000.

A$AP Rocky, Yung Mehico, Meyhem Lauren, and Big Body Bes all show up on the new project, which Bronson described as, “not even about an animal…it’s pertaining to being wild. A fuckin’ wild thing, a beast. Not a horse, it’s whatever.”

The LP dropped the day after the rapper took the stage to pay tribute to his late friend Mac Miller at the Greek Theater, but before that, Bronson confirmed that he is leaving Vice as a result of “contractual issues.” “I need to be able to spread my wings musically,” he said. “I have too many ideas for shows that work to be stagnated to doing one every fuckin’ two years. That’s not my thing.”

Listen to Action Bronson’s new creation below.

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