Angelica Hale, a nine-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia, blew away the judges of America’s Got Talent with her powerful performance of “Girl on Fire,” Alicia Keys’ hit from 2012.

Guest judge Chris Hardwick made his appreciation known as he slammed down on the Golden Buzzer and declared “You are the chosen one.”

In June, Hale declared that she wanted to be “the next Whitney Houston” and a “superstar.” With her powerhouse vocal talents, she may well be on her way to reaching those goals. Watch her performance below.

It wouldn’t be a true America’s Got Talent show without a heartbreaking story of struggle. At just four years of age, Angelica contracted Sepsis, a life-threatening bacterial infection in her lungs. Hale needed a kidney transplant. Thankfully, Angelica’s mother Eva Hale was a match and she donated a kidney to save her daughter.

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