Following three days of testifying for prosecutors in their federal racketeering case against the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, controversial rapper 6ix9ine now has his eyes on a possible 2020 release date.

Due to his extreme cooperation with the court, one option on the table for prosecutors, according to The New York Times, is having Tekashi enter a witness protection program following his prison sentence. While his current appearance, complete with rainbow hair and highly-recognizable face tattoos, may lead many to think that the 23-year-old could never integrate into normal society, some believe otherwise. “Despite how connected we are, and the appetite for social media content in this country, there are places where, if this kid gets a haircut and wears normal clothes, no one would know or care who he is,” said FBI official Jay Kramer.

The Times noted that the United States Marshals Service would not pay for any sort of tattoo removal service for 6ix9ine. The Brooklyn native pleaded guilty to an array of racketeering charges back in January, but his testimony against many Nine Trey crew members could result in a much lighter sentence that would have him out of jail sometime next year.

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