April 20th, otherwise known as 4/20, otherwise known as “marijuana day” is a day of celebration, consumption, and in some cases, political appeals to make marijuana legal in the United States. Though the federal government does not recognize the plant as having any legitimate medical use, that isn’t stopping many people from smoking the herb today.

If you partake, or even if you just want to learn a bit about marijuana’s influence on music, sit back and relax to these ten, 4/20-centric songs:

‘Because I Got High’ – Afroman

The classic toker song about not getting things done because he was high resurfaces every year around this time. Afroman will forever be remembered for this hilarious contribution to weed culture.


‘I Got 5 On It’ – Luniz

The title refers to a phrase meaning to split the price of a dime bag with another person: “Kinda broke so ya know all I gots five, is five / Unless you pull out the fat, crispy five dollar bill on the real before its history.”


‘Legalize It’ – Peter Tosh

What would a 4/20 playlist be without Peter Tosh and his call to legalize marijuana? The political activist did more than sing about weed, but today we celebrate this song.


‘The Next Episode’ – Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg have been and still are hip-hop’s spokesmen for weed. The two found a successful way to meld the effects of the drug into the sonic textures of this song as well as others.


‘Mary Jane’ – Rick James

This song perfectly embodies the appeal of Mary Jane, and the way in which it takes Rick James to paradise, rescues him and makes him high when he’s “feeling low.”


‘You Get High’ – Pretty Lights

Literally in the name, this uptempo and bouncy track is the perfect one to light up to.


‘Tree of Life’ – Ab-Soul

“Tree of Life” is one of Kendrick Lamar‘s labelmate’s strongest tracks. We’ll give you one guess as to what’s it’s about.


‘Bowls’ – Caribou

Those are actually Tibetan prayer bowls being sampled throughout the track, not bowls of weed (if you were wondering). This heady song will help you melt into your couch.


‘Feeling High’ – Witch

Witch is a great ’70s band from Zambia, Africa. The title of the song speaks for itself and the beat will get you in the mood to celebrate 4/20.


‘High for This’ – The Weeknd

One of Abel‘s older and darker tracks, he prefaces his interaction with a woman with “You wanna be high for this.” Overall, a great song to chill to.


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